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Originally hailing from El Paso, Texas, Cadet Stephanie Estrada started her ROTC career at New Mexico State University before enrolling at the University of Oklahoma. Now she serves as the Cadet Battalion Command Sergeant Major. 
“I was born in El Paso Texas, where I lived for most of my life. I started my ROTC career at New Mexico State University and later transferred to Oklahoma right before the start of my junior year,” said Estrada. “As the Cadet Battalion Command Sergeant Major, I am the principal advisor to the Battalion Commander on discipline, morale, and training. As CSM I am also responsible for accountability of personnel during ROTC related activities such as lab and physical training.” 
There are many things about the ROTC program that Estrada enjoys, but the friendships and comradery are both at the top of that list. 
“What I enjoy the most about ROTC is the friendships that you build over time,” said Estrada. “Because of Covid-19 we must limit the amount of people that can be in the cadet lounge. It makes it hard on everyone because people go there to do homework, take naps, eat lunch, or just hang out. It’s not pleasant having to tell cadets that they can't be in the lounge because we are at capacity.” 
Her goal is to graduate and eventually work in the business sector, but military service will always be part of her life. 
“I am majoring in Business Management at Price College,” said Estrada. “I am currently on track to graduate and be commissioned in the spring of 2020. Because I will not be commissioning into the active duty component, I will not make the military a career. But I do plan on staying in the Reserves for as long as possible.” 
The Cadet Battalion Command Sergeant Major offers this advice to anyone looking to join the ROTC program. 
“Participate as much as you can, whether it be in class, lab, or PT (physical training). Make friends, don’t just go to class and lab and then just go home. Socialize with people, get to know other cadets in your class. Because at the end of the day it is them who will be with you every step of the way until commissioning,” said Estrada. 

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