Lexington's Madeline Pack – Softball Spotlight Presented by Pioneer Cellular

By Derrick Smith

Madeline Pack plays catcher, first base, third base, and outfielder for the Lexington Lady Bulldogs softball team. Though she has put in a lot of work to get where she is, she knows that it has taken more than just the work. 

“For me to be successful in sports, it has taken never giving up,” she said “To hear the negative words and turn them into fuel to push myself to be better. It means going to multiple practices, lessons, and doing my own work at home to shape the outcome of who I am today.”

Pack, a senior, began playing softball when she was three years old and says she has a few role models that she looks up to and has helped shape her into the person and athlete she is today. “One of my biggest role models is Jackie Robinson,” she stated. “Despite the era he lived in, despite all of his challenges, despite all the negative words, he played the game he loved. He overcame every adversity he had and kept playing his game. At a very young age, I was told I would never be good enough and I might as well give up. I took those words and let it fuel my drive to prove them wrong, a lot like Jackie Robinson did in his time. He stayed humble throughout all of this, and I aspire to approach every situation like that.”

There have been many memorable moments that Madeline has enjoyed during her career, but says that her favorite moment came when her team needed her the most. “The highlight of my career would have to be making All-District Left Fielder last year,” she stated. “I am normally behind the plate and I got tossed out there because we needed someone in the outfield. It was a position I hadn't played in a hot minute, but I earned that title by working my tail-end off.”

Along with playing sports, Pack is also a part of the Student Council, Gifted & Talented, and serves as the captain of the archery team.