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A senior at Jones High School, Trinity Moore is honored to know that others to think of her as a leader.

“I always try to reflect the character traits that my parents and coaches have been instilling in me,” said Trinity.

For Trinity good character is all about having integrity and always doing what is right even when you think no one is watching.

She keeps herself busy as a forward for the girls’ basketball team, running mid-distance in track, as well as competing in the high jump.

“I balance school and life by prioritizing the most important things first by remembering that there is a time and season for everything,” Trinity said.

Being busy can also come with some rough spots that test you mentally.

“When things get tough I stay motivated by remembering that the tough things that we go through will help us to be stronger in the future,” said Trinity.

Being a leader and senior leaves many eyes watching her every move.

“Knowing that people look up to me gives me a sense of responsibility,” said Trinity. “I try to leave an example worth following.”

Trinity comes from a large family; third oldest of ten children to be exact. Growing up, she and her siblings were always taught the importance of good character from her parents.

Her biggest inspiration comes from her parents.

“My parents inspire me, they always push me to be better and help me to be successful,” said Trinity. “I also look up to my high school basketball coach. She taught us how to push through when things are hard to help make ourselves better.”

Her most memorable sports highlight is from winning the state championship in basketball.

“Our team overcame a lot of adversity and was able to win the first state championship for women’s basketball at our school,” Trinity said.

After high school she plans to attend Oral Roberts University and earn a degree in business and marketing as well as continuing her basketball career there.

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