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Yukon High School product Michael Culbertson is excited to be in the delayed entry program with the United States Marines Corps. Having taken that first step to become a Marine, Culbertson is aware of what that means for his future.

“Being accepted into the delayed entry program and becoming a ‘poolie’ for the Marines has given me a sense of responsibility and pride showing that I am working to join and be a part of ‘The few. The proud.’ And to earn my way into the Marine family,” said Culbertson. “I have always wanted to join the military since I was a little kid. My original branch of choice was the Air Force; however, one day the Air Force recruiter didn’t pick up the phone and the Marine recruiter did. I could not be more thankful for SSgt Allen being able to talk to me that very same day and show me the qualities and standards that made the choice of joining the Marines an easy choice.”

Upon graduating from boot camp, Culbertson will spend the following weeks working on his job skills for the Marines before heading off to college.

“Once I graduate boot camp, most importantly, I will have earned the title of United States Marine. That is something that I desire the most from boot camp, however after graduating I will be shipped to Pensacola, Florida to go through my job specific training,” said Culbertson. “I am undecided on my final decision on college my top choices would be The University of Oklahoma or Texas Tech.”

Culbertson wants to work in the aviation field while serving in the Marines and having a full career as a Marine is something he is focused on achieving.

“I would like to be in the aviation side of the Marines and work on the aircraft that the Marines have,” said Culbertson. “I think making the military a career would be in my best interest, I say that because it would give me great stability while keeping me in shape and responsible for as long as possible.”

As a student-athlete at Yukon High School, Culbertson played football and wrestled. Both sports taught him valuable lessons he can use while serving in the Marines.

“I’d say that football would have taught me some vital communication in critical times and how to work with a team to achieve a goal. While wrestling on the other hand taught me how to persevere through one-on-one matches how to embrace the suck and to always keep moving and keep working because someone out there is trying to be better than me,” said Culbertson.

He is currently preparing himself for the rigors of boot camp with a little help for the recruiters.

“To prepare myself for boot camp I work out with my recruiting station every Tuesday and Thursday and I also get some workouts in by myself while trying to mentally prepare and study knowledge that will help me through boot camp,” said Culbertson.

In his free time Culbertson enjoys working on his car or going to car shows.

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