Rib Crib 250

By Cole Ward

The Carl Albert Titans downed the MacAurther Highlanders 72-49 in the Class 5A boys’ basketball state title game Saturday afternoon at the Mabee Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Carl Albert’s James Locke shined in the win, recording 19 points and 14 rebounds. VYPE editor Cole Ward caught up with the Class 5A tournament MVP Locke moments after the win.

VYPE: In such a crazy season, with so many cancellations and reschedules, how does it feel to come out on top?

Locke: It shows what type of team we are, with how hard we work. We didn’t just win on game days, but we won every single day in practice. We were working for times like this, no one was going to outwork us.

VYPE: Carl Albert is such a storied program, with countless state titles. How does it feel to add to that legacy?

Locke: Honestly, I can’t describe it. Like how many state titles does our school have, and to be a part of one, is an incredible feeling.

VYPE: Who was an unsung hero for your team this season? Someone who didn’t necessarily fill up the stat sheet, but you all couldn’t win without.

Locke: It’s really hard to say with our team because so many guys have stepped up when we needed them to. Everybody, even if they didn’t get into the game, everyone contributed in their own way.

VYPE: This team was very senior heavy, including you, do you think they can make it back to this game next year?

Locke: Oh I believe our program should be here every year with the type of talent we have, because of the intensity of our daily practices and our coaching staff.