BancFirst Harrah Choctaw

By Derrick Smith

During the career of an athlete, there may be a lot of memorable experiences. It could be an individual achievement, a team victory, or something else. Preslee Irwin says the highlight moment of her career happened this season and it was something she will not forget.

“A really big moment in my career happened around the end of August when we played Tulsa Union,” she said. “The game was in the bottom of the eighth and they had just walked the batter in front of me. So I am up with the bases loaded and the game tied 10-10. I connected and hit a line drive over the second baseman and scored the winning run to move us to 6-1 in the district. It was a great feeling.”

Irwin, a junior at Choctaw High School, mainly plays centerfield and has been playing softball for as long as she can remember. “I’ve been playing for a very long time,” she said. “I was so little when I started that they had to use a foam ball.”

Just like most athletes, Preslee has a couple of role models that she looks up to and both are true heroes. “My biggest role model would probably have to be my big brother, Blake,” she stated. “He has been through a lot in his life, like losing his wife in a freak accident and her being pregnant with their first child. He is also in the Air Force and he has been to a lot of places. The reason he is my role model is because if you would meet him, you wouldn't even think that he has been through this much in his life. I also look up to my grandfather that passed away almost a year ago from cancer. He was also in the Army and fought in the Vietnam War, where he became a Purple Heart Veteran. He was one the best people I've met in my life, he was very loving, Christ-oriented, and was the best father/grandfather/husband.”

Along with softball, Irwin is also a member of the Lady Yellowjackets basketball team. Outside of sports, she is a part of the National Honor Society.