BancFirst Harrah Choctaw

This is an exciting year for the students at Choctaw High School. The football team is looking good and the fastpitch softball team is holding its own. One player to watch this season is senior catcher Kaiden Boren. She has enjoyed a nice career playing softball and she is excited to take the field with her teammates in her final season.

“What I love most about my team and teammates is the bond that we have. And the lifelong sisters we become,” said Boren.

That bond is strong and throughout the summer it was tough for Boren and her teammates to stay away from the diamond. But when they got the call to return and start practicing again, the excitement was through the roof.

“I’m very excited to return to school and the field because you never know when that can be taken away from you,” said Boren.

Outside of sports, Boren is involved in many activities including National Honor Society and helping members of her community.

“I love helping the community and others,” said Boren.

The senior said her family is to thank for helping her achieve her goals and become the person she is today.

“My parents have been a huge influence in my life teaching me to work hard for what I want, “said Boren.

The future for Boren is a bright one as she plans to attend Cameron University on a softball scholarship while continuing her education. But before she trades in her Choctaw uniform for a Cameron uniform, Boren and her teammates are saddled up and ready for one last ride together as they take on Class 6A and fight for a spot in the state tournament.