Del City's Shenedra Wiley – Mom of the Month Presented by INTEGRIS David de Gaston, MD – IFC Del City – Family Medicine


By Ember McElrath

The Del City "Mom of the Month" award goes to Shenedra Wiley, mom of two.

“I am honored to be nominated, as well as surprised, as this was truly unexpected,” said Shenedra.

Shenedra is naturally generous with her time and effort, saying she can’t really remember a time where she wasn’t volunteering in some capacity.

“I am a giver by nature, so for me if I see the need and can help fill the gap, I see that as part of my purpose,” Shenedra said. “When I believe in a program, I want to see it succeed and any help I can provide to support the vision – which sometimes involves doing the behind the scenes work to alleviate some of the load off the leaders so they can focus on executing the vision and accomplishing results – I am all for it!”

Volunteering comes with a great sense of satisfaction for Shenedra and one of her favorite things about volunteering is all about being able to get the job done and provide support for whoever needs it at that time.

Her volunteer duties may change from day to day, whether it is working concessions, helping to fundraise, taking tickets at the gate for a game, or even helping to host an event, Shenedra is always all hands on deck and ready to do whatever is needed of her.

Growing up, Shenedra didn’t partake in any sports but she does enjoy the recreational side of a good dodgeball or softball game. She did play the flute in band and even made the All-City band four times.

In her free time, Shenedra enjoys spending time with her husband of 24 years as well as their two sons. Her and her husband enjoy going to hear live music and dancing the night away whenever they get the chance.