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Class of 2020 graduate Autumn Dennis before finishing her high school career at Del City High School knew she wanted to join the military. Which branch and what job was still a question, but Dennis decided the Oklahoma Army National Guard was the best fit for her.

“I’ve always wanted to serve. The National Guard will allow me to serve and defend my home, while still being with my family and attending college,” said Dennis.

Following in the footsteps of many family members, Dennis, now Private First Class Dennis, looked into other branches before making the decision to join the National Guard.

“I’ve always loved the U.S. Navy, But the Army National Guard was the right choice for me at the time,” said Dennis. “My grandfather was in World War II, my great uncle was in World War I, and my other grandfather was in the Vietnam War. So yes, most of my family was in the U.S. Army.”

PFC Dennis will serve with the Shawnee Field Artillery Unit where she will work as a 13 Bravo or Field Artillery.

The benefits Dennis will receive by being a member of the National Guard were a factor in her decision to join. She is currently using those benefits to attend college and is looking forward to getting her degree and possibly becoming an educator.

“I am going to Rose State College then transferring to the University of Central Oklahoma. I want to become a high school history teacher,” said Dennis. “The Oklahoma Army National Guard was the right choice for me because it allows me to defend my home and serve, while staying close to family and attending college. I love everything about the Guard.”

Private First Class Dennis said anyone looking to join the National Guard should look at the benefits the Guard offers its members.

“Take your time on deciding but choose the branch that best fits your life. The Guard has more benefits than any other branch, but if it’s not the right choice for you, then pick the branch that is,” said Dennis.