OECU 1125 

By Derrick Smith
By all accounts, Del City High School girls basketball coach, Mariah Webb, is a great coach. One great example of this is that she is a back-to-back winner of the Oklahoma Educators Credit Union Oklahoma City Area Most Outstanding Girl’s Basketball Coach poll. Webb says it is a great feeling, but she is also excited to see what her future holds.
“It’s a special feeling to win this award two years in a row,” she said. “Mainly because I have so many hopes and dreams as a coach that I truly think this is the beginning of something greater to come. So I am humbled to have won it two years in a row, and I’m also motivated to know that this is the beginning because I still have so much growing and learning to do. It’s also a good feeling to know that other people believe in me just as much as I believe in myself.”
Growing up, coach Webb focused most of her athletic career on basketball, but she did participate in another sport for a time. 
“I was mainly a one sport athlete in high school, playing only basketball,” she said. “I was involved in track for a short period of time, but having knee surgeries, I realized I was done with track and my future was in basketball. I played basketball at Kansas State University on a full basketball scholarship.”
There have been a lot of coaches that have impacted Webb’s life and helped her become the coach that she is today. But the impact that each made was a little different. 
“I think that my high school and college coaches all played big roles in my life, but the roles were a little different. My high school coach was more in the role of being that extra parent at school and making sure I was putting myself in the right position to make good choices. Whereas my college coaches really introduced me to the ‘real world’ and to this day, I’m able to reach out to them for advice when it comes to coaching.”
While she loves coaching, Webb also enjoys her time away from coaching.
“When I’m not coaching, I really enjoy spending time with my husband and family,” she said. “My family and I are big on having game nights and spending time around one another. We are a very competitive family and whether it’s watching sports or engaging in a competitive activity, I prefer to be with them whenever I’m not coaching.”