Christian Heritage's Drew Goodman - Athlete Spotlight - Presented by Integris Health Edmond

By Derrick Smith

Drew Goodman picked up his first golf club when he was about three years old. And at that very moment, Drew’s sport of choice had been decided. Over his career, Goodman’s game has progressively improved thanks to a lot of work.

“Success in golf requires more time than most other sports,” he said. “It requires long hours that can often be hard to come by, but I think my family instituted that love for golf in me early on. And they also encouraged me to work hard at it. These things allowed me to keep enjoying the game and I don’t love it much more than spending an entire day out on the course.”

Goodman is a senior at Christian Heritage Academy. Along with sports, he is also involved in a variety of clubs, including MAO math club, National Honor Society, and Fire, which he says is his favorite club.

“I co-lead Fire,” he said. “It is a bible study and reading group for guys in our high school.”

There have been various people that have impacted Drew’s life throughout his career. But he says that his parents and grandparents have been highly influential on his life.

“They taught me the value of hard work and dedication to a task,” Goodman said. “My dad and two grandpas gave me a love for golf, especially at a young age. They took the time out of the way to make sure I had time to play the game I loved. Another big influence would be our coach, Tony Merrell, who is also my favorite teacher. He’s taught me how to be a better leader and all-around Christian man through his daily life example.”

Over his career, Drew has had some great moments on the golf course. But he says that his most memorable moment came off the course.

“An amazing highlight in my career was receiving a phone call from Tyan Hybl, head golf coach at The University of Oklahoma,” he said. “It was an amazing experience and one I will never forget.”

Shawnee's Kylie Mikish - Spotlight Presented By Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center


By Chris Cox

Recognized as a fan favorite in the Fan’s Choice player poll, volleyball seems to come naturally to Kyle Mikish of Shawnee. Despite only beginning to play when she was in the eighth grade, Mikish finds herself in a starting role for a third consecutive season as a junior on the Lady Wolves varsity volleyball team.

Natural talent doesn’t result in Mikish not having to work at improving her skills. And after jumping into taking part in competitive club volleyball three years ago, she fell in love with the team aspect of the game.

“I like the team concept, playing with all of these other girls is what I like most about the sport,” said Mikish.

Being a three-year starter, Kylie now finds herself in a leadership role. She says what she’s learned in just three short years has prepared her to be one of this year’s leaders for the Lady Wolves squad.

“Freshman year was a lot of pressure because I was with the seniors and they had been on varsity for a long time,” she said. “But they really pushed to be a better leader for the underclassmen and upcoming varsity players. Those seniors set a good example for me so I’m striving to be like them now and I’m hoping to gain more leadership experience this season.”

Kylie believes she has grown every year as a leader and is hoping to gain more leadership experience this season.

Volleyball is unique with players having to line up in different positions on the court and having to move in a relatively confined space. So, communication is key for any successful volleyball team.

“It takes a lot of communication,” she said. “There will definitely be times where there’s not a lot of communication and we will start bunching up together, but we always find ways to get back into the rhythm and help each other out.”

Following high school Mikish plans to attend college. While she would love to play volleyball at the next level, she mainly just wants to get into a good school.