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By Derrick Smith

The impact that role models can have on the life of a high school student-athlete can sometimes be immeasurable. While a role model can be anyone, Brenden Sanders says that the people he looks up to the most are those that he is closest to.

“Some of the biggest influences on my life are my parents,” he said. “They both have taught me to work hard and not give up on something that you want. They are my biggest supporters and push me to be my best in the classroom and in sports. Also, all of my coaches from little league to high school have helped me. These men have given their time and have been great examples.”

Sanders is a senior at Moore High School, where he is a member of the track and football teams. He sprints and runs relays on the track team, while on the football field, he plays cornerback.

The success that Brenden has enjoyed over his career did not just happen. Instead, he has had to sacrifice and be willing to put in the time.

“It has taken a lot of hard work and motivation for me to be successful,” he said. “There were zero-hour workouts, late practices, and working on skills with friends on my own.”

Last season did not go the way that anyone had planned, so Sanders is ready to get this season going.

“I was recognized as a sprinter last year at our first meet,” he said. “Unfortunately, COVID ended track season early, so I am ready to get back out there again this year,”

Sitting through countless hours of classroom time, Sanders has learned from many different teachers. While they were all good teachers, he says that there was one that stood out as his favorite.

“My Pre-AP Calculus teacher, Mrs. Nix, was my favorite teacher,” he said. “She was an excellent teacher. She taught me to meet challenges and just keep trying. She also has a high expectation for all of her students.”

As he makes his way through his senior year, Brenden already has his sights set on what he wants to do after graduation.

“I will attend college next fall,” he said. “And I will be majoring in engineering. I am hoping to also run track at the collegiate level.”

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