Southmoore's Kit Stephenson – Soccer Coach Spotlight Presented by Oklahoma Educators Credit Union


For Kit Stephenson, the head boys’ soccer coach of Southmoore High School, soccer has been a huge part of his life ever since he could walk. Saying he has been an influence on the soccer community here in Oklahoma might be an understatement. 

Alongside being the head coach at Southmoore, Stephenson is also the director at RISE Futsal Academy in OKC and coaches several youth futsal teams around the metro. 

“For me, the mentorship piece is the most rewarding,” said Stephenson. “I love seeing kids perform well and get better and I am, of course, obsessed with soccer tactics and understanding the game better.”

In regard to highlights of his coaching career, Stephenson says there are too many to count, and all hold a special place in his heart, but he gave us a few examples.

“My now assistant coach, Ethan Hibbs, scored the game-winning goal in a playoff game against a great Edmond North side,” Stephenson stated. “But some things that hold dear to me are when I get invited to my former players weddings.”

Stephenson has many influences to thank for his successes through the coaching ranks, but his family is near and dear to him.

“My mom and dad are my biggest role models, and especially my mom, who fought cancer like a champ, with a smile always on her face, for eight years before we lost her,” Stephenson said. “She taught me that 'never-give-up' attitude that I try to implement in my everyday life. My dad has been Superman my whole life and has been my family's rock through tough times.”

Alongside a great work ethic and talented players, Stephenson has other reasons on why he has had success at Southmoore.

“A good staff of coaches is very important, and I am very lucky to have that here,” stated Stephenson. “All of my coaches are in it for the right reasons, and will do anything for our kids.”